The Hoia Baciu Forest

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hoia-baciu forest

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, the Hoia Baciu Forest is one of the most haunted forests in the world. It located in the west of an ancient town Cluj-Napoca, a northwestern Romanian city. 

The young noblewomen are heading to the Hoia Baciu Forest.  

The exact age of the forest is unknown, however, the only credible source available is from 55,000 years ago. The forest itself covers an area of 295 hectares of land, it also includes the earliest Neolithic settlement unearthed in Romania. Apparently, Vlad the Impaler was beheaded in the forest. The Starevo-Koros-Cris tombs and houses belonging were all discovered in between 1960 and 1994. During the middle ages, hundreds of peasants were taken into the forest and violently slaughtered by a raiding party. It is difficult to decipher whether the slaughterings were a form of primitive population control or a religious offering, but those diabolical activities left a tragic, vengeful imprint on Hoia-Baciu Forest. Even the strangely distorted trees are said to host the souls of murdered peasants, and pairs of green eyes appear at twilight in an unnatural mist. The ghosts of peasants are held liable for the peculiar disappearances in the forest.

Part of a Neolithic settlement from the 6500 BC.

The Hoia Baciu Forest hardly translates into Shepard’s Forest and attainted its name after a Romanian Shepard ventured into the forest with his 200 sheep looking for pasture when he found the infamous Hoia Baciu Forest Circle. He never returned, nor did any of his 200 sheep. Many question the thought of a shepherd in charge of 200 sheep wandering into the forest. The legendary forest has been frightening locals for hundreds of years, even presently they fear to enter the forest after nightfall.

The Twisted Trees of Hoia Baciu Forest.

In Hoia-Baciu Forest, it is said that more than 1,000 people have disappeared without a trace within the forest. One famous case involved the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl who appeared after 5 years later. She wore the exact same clothes she had been wearing 5 years ago. Remarkably, her clothes were found to be in good condition and she had a 9th-century coin in her pocket. She had no recollections of where she was or what had happened to her in the forest. Subsequently, five other people who ventured into the forest were found dead.

During 1968, a biologist called Alexandru Sift came to research light and magnetism phenomena. He wanted to investigate the reason behind the bizarre zig-zag patterns or clockwise spirals shaped trees in the forest. The deeper he journeyed within the forest the stranger and hostile he felt and more twisted the trees become. He spotted eight trees sprouting from a single root with a strong wood that was impossible to cut down. Some of the trees had large charred smudges as if these trees were incinerated. There were strange woodland creatures, shadows and sounds (gigglings) moving amongst the trees, he described as, “The sound of teeth chattering.” Sift clicked photos of an unusual metallic disc-shaped device flying over the forest. Sadly, he died in 1993 and most of the photos he took disappeared.

On the 18th of August 1968, a military technician called Emil Barnea captured clearer photos of UFO,  a craft shaped like a blob or water-droplet hovering in the part of Hoia Baciu Forest where there are no trees, a clearing called the round meadow(Poiana Rotundă). In the 1970s, the Hoia-Baciu forest became known for the UFO sightings. The Communist government regarded supernatural and paranormal activity as insanity and Barnea was fired and never received any unemployment benefit. In 2002, locals recorded a video of a bright coloured cigar-shaped object flying over the sky and disappearing. UFO activity in the forest is so extreme that alien abduction is seen as plausible grounds for the reported missing persons and cases of lost time from the area. Recent reports include unidentified voices in EVP recordings, distorted faces appearing in the pictures that were not present when the image was captured, electromagnetic inconsistencies, batteries discharging (typically occur in poltergeist cases), crashing electronic gadgets, and unexplained lights.

Hoia Baciu forest circle 14
Emil’s famous UFO hovering over The Clearing photo. 

A mysterious circular clearing, where little or no vegetation grows, seems to be the focal point of paranormal activity, known as The Circle” or “Socially Active Point 3. The soil samples from the Circle were exactly the same as the rest of the forest. In some parts of the forest, radioactivity was elevated due to natural uranium generated by the land. Fenomenele de la Pădure Hoia-Baciuwas published by a Professor of Chemistry and Sift’s friend Adrian Pătruț who pursued his friend’s research. Professor Adrian Patrut, told researchers, “We have enough results to tell you what it is not, it is not something we can possibly hope to understand in this age.” Some say it is an interdimensional portal to another world created by Atlanteans and people who accidentally pass through the gates experience irritation, headaches, thirst, anxiety, fainting etc. There are logical clarifications, such as allergies or scratched by a loose branch. Parapsychology specialists claim that Hoia-Baciu Forest is a doorway through which deceased or uninhabited souls enter Terra. Western esotericism suggests that the Hoia-Baciu Forest can be a gateway between, “the astral plane and the telluric plane“, alike to “Dante’s Purgatory,” where the spirits reside for 40 days until their fates are decided. 

Bermuda Triangle of Romania.

Paranormal activity such as people being pushed or thrown to the ground or cameras or bags being violently thrown by sinister forces. A TV show called “Destination Truth,” captured Evan being violently scratched and attacked by an unseen force and the strange orbs of light. He heard female voices behind him before being tossed across the clearing. Orbs of red, orange, yellow, green and white lights were random in their activity and studied by using infrared cameras and thermal detectors. These orbs show intelligence, knowing when they are being watched and do not seem to produce any heat.

Hocia Baciu Forest Circle 13
One of the orbs captured in the Hoia Baciu Forest.

Possibly, the forest is a source of ultra-low frequency sound waves, these sounds are imperceptible to the human ear yet can cause Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity. People who have been exposed to high EMF’s had symptoms had a cold flush, electric shocks, headaches, migraines, nose bleeds, burning sensations of the skin, fatigue, tiredness, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, hallucinations, cognitive and digestive issues. Ultra-low frequency infrasound is generated in thunderstorms, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes. Contrarily, some wanderers return from Hoia Baciu Forest completely unharmed. The ghostly phenomena are popularised to attract tourists, the round meadow or also recognised as the dead zone can be justified by Archeology. 

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67 thoughts on “The Hoia Baciu Forest

  1. It looks like the perfect place to get scared! Those twisted trees are really creepy. First time I read about this place and even as creepy as it looks I would like to visit it someday.


  2. I love learning new things. I really enjoyed your post. The forest looks super scary. It’s the first time I heard about this place, not sure I am going to hang out there, but I like the history behind it.


  3. That forest sounds ever so spooky but so interesting too! How odd that the little girl disappeared then turned back up in the same clothes 5 years later with no recollection. I do love visiting spooky places but I think even I would avoid this forest, thanks to all the disappearances.


  4. Thats something different to read and learn about. The name of the forest is interesting – Hoia Baciu. The haunted feeling is alluring, I need to study about this forest. Good you shared something unique.


  5. The story about the little girl returning after 5 years is the spookiest part about this, the effect that would have on her and the community is startling.


  6. That looks like an amazing place. I love traveling to locations like this where you get to experience really unique things. I’d love to take the family one day.


  7. I found this post very interesting. I remember several years ago when the stories of Aliens (demons) were debunked by the government and whistleblowers were castigated. They were called liars and conspiracy theorists. In many cases, they were fired and even killed. Some that were abducted returned years later and weren’t able to recall a thing, others were never found. The Greada treaty of 1954 makes more sense now. It’s a crazy world.


  8. This sounds like the kind of forest thatll give me nightmares lol. They should make a horror movie out of it or something if they haven’t already. Now I wanna research more about it.


  9. This was very interesting to read, the trees look crazy and I still find it amazing that structures from so long ago survive today.
    Looks like an amazing place


  10. I enjoyed that trip through the history of a forest that I have just heard of today! Regardless of how haunted it might be, it looks so inviting! And magical.


  11. Whoa! Sounds like a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ sort of place. Fantastic job on the timeline and providing a wealth of information about the Hoia Baciu forest. Really intriguing.


  12. Oh wow, I am fan of mystery and conspiracy so thanks for sharing and let me know something I am interested. However, I am not sure that I would want to visit myself. – Knycx Journeying


  13. This was a really interesting read. It just makes me wonder if aliens do exist, or if there are lost souls in that place. I would rather opt to stay away from the place. It sounds really creepy!


  14. Wow, that place looks so cool and creepy! Romania is already on my bucket list, need to add this place as well.


  15. I don’t know much about Transylvania but that photo of the forest sure looks spooky. The shape of the trees must be extra spooky at night. And when there’s a wind.


  16. Wow. Very informative post! I would love to visit here. I love exploring places with lots of history and cool stories.


    1. I agree I find it so creepy as well. I feel like it got a similar effect like Suicide Forest in Japan.


  17. What a magnificent and mysterious place it is! The forest looks amazing especially the twisted trees. I thought Transylvania is only a title in a movie, but then, it is actually a place, an amazing place. Thank you for sharing a wonderful post!


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  19. What an incredible destination. It’s right up my alley, and I need to research this a bit more. Thanks so much for sharing.


  20. The Hoia Baciu Forest could be an amazing place and it’s history for a horror movie, for sure. It gives me a bit creepy vibes but at the same time it seems to me a very interesting and a beautiful place.


  21. Wow those trees in the Hoia Baciu Forest are stunning. I would love to see them in person sometime. Very interesting article thank you for sharing it, I cannot get over the forest, I have never seen trees like that!

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  22. This was an interesting read because I love supernatural stories. Twisted Trees look cool but I am too scared to go! What happens if I disappear?


  23. This was very intriguing! The way those trees grow is curious indeed… as someone who is really into creepy places (mostly just because the history is rich in places like this, not necessarily because I believe in the paranormal lol) this is a place that I hope to visit someday.


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