The Expressionless (Creepypasta)

Welcome back fellow humans,


Have you heard about The Expressionless?

In 1972, A young woman stumbled into Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, wearing bloodied clothes. She had the agility and versatility of a normal human but her face was perfect and expressionless like a mannequin without eyebrows and covered in make-up. Between her teeth, there was a lifeless body of a kitten with the blood dripping down the woman’s clothes. She spat the kitten out of her mouth and then passed out of exhaustion. 

She was emotionless and silent when the nurses were dressing her in clean clothing. The nurses felt uncomfortable looking after her because they were unable to get any form of response. The doctors and nurses tried to sedate her but she got extremely violent. Her body levitated from the bed with an eerie, blank expression and she freed herself from the restraints. Then, she turned towards the male doctor and ripped his throat out using her sharp teeth. As he is slowly choking on his own blood, he asks her, What in the hell are you?” and she smiles and whispers, “I am God”.


The doctor felt helpless and fearful while watching her viciously attack and devour the hospital staff one by one. The only survivor was a female doctor who named her “The Expressionless”.

Thank you for reading, fellow humans!

66 thoughts on “The Expressionless (Creepypasta)

  1. that is pretty scary read! I am happy I read it now when it’s the middle of the day. Your writing style is nice as well. awesome story!
    P.S. I just hope it’s not based on true events

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  2. The Expressionless is such a creepy little story. Maybe what’s creepiest about it is that it ends right there without any further information where she came from or where she went.

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  3. Oh! common… what eventually happened to her? I cant say i have heard this before but the is the kind of story that creeps people out at a camp fire night. As sad as this story is i kind of like it but its really sad what happened to those doctors.

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    1. thank you for commenting P. Candice Goddard. That is why at the beginning of the post, I stated, “How you heard about the expressionless?” I read about this story ages ago, I found it intriguing so I wrote about it. “The image with the mannequin” – is the image I got from online when I was researching about this story. Let me know if there are any issues about my posts 🙂 Plus this is my platform to write and upload about what I find interesting or intriguing just I like you do with your blogging site.


  4. This is the first time I read about The Expressionless. I thought it was a little bit longer. Now I need another creepy story before bed


  5. That was a scary read for sure! I can’t help feeling there has to be more to it here. Perhaps there is a part 2 at the very least or the beginning of a horror series where we will find out how the expressionless came about. Great concept.


  6. This is really creepy, I have read other posts too on your site though I am not much of a reader but such stories intrigue me. I have always got around such stories in movies, tv shows, web series or fictional books.


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