Jayuro Ghost

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Have you heard about the Jayuro ghosts? 

Jayuro Ghost

There is a highway between Goyang and Paju called Jayuro in North of Seoul, South Korea. Jayuro is notoriously known for its creepily heavy and sinister fog leading to fatal car collisions every year. Many drivers have reported seeing Jayuro Ghost, a vanishing hitchhiking woman wearing sunglasses on the side of the highway at night. Upon closer examination, they realise that the woman is not wearing sunglasses. Instead, her eye sockets are gauged out and sunken shadowy pits. 

Vanishing woman

The terrified drivers, who see her usually flee immediately and no one knows the truth behind the vanishing hitchhiking woman. However, drivers who picked up the ghost was led to a cemetery or the ghost vanished when the driver reached the stated destination.

Be mindful of the hitchhikers that you pick up, they might be souls of the dead.  

Soul of a dead

Thank you for reading, fellow humans 🙂 

65 thoughts on “Jayuro Ghost

  1. Oh you got me frightened with that picture. I hate this kind of stories, specially when I go for a long drive at night.


  2. Oh didn’t know you also have a version of what we call “white lady” here. The rumors say the same thing that causes most of the accident. If that is true, what we can do is pray for the lost souls.


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