The Elevator Killer

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Have you heard about The Elevator Killer?

The Man In The Elevator

The Elevator Murder is a terrifying Korean urban legend about a 19-year-old girl named Haruko who was attending college in the main city. She decided to stay up late in the library to complete her assignments and returned home late in the evening. The darkness of the night made her feel uneasy when she walking to the old building where she resided. She stepped inside and pressed the elevator button labelled the “14” to get to her floor. Just as the doors were closing, an attractive young man rushed in and stopped the elevator and stood beside her. Then, he pressed the button labelled “13.” 


He asked if she lived on the 14th floor and Haruko replied “Yes.” They both stood in silence, she could not resist staring at this impressionable stranger. He caught her looking at him, shyly she smiled at him. The elevator doors opended at the 13th floor, he got out and said, “See you, later, to which she responded, “Yes, see you.” As the doors of the elevator were closing behind him, suddenly the man pulled out a knife and said in a disturbing voice, “Upstairs,” then he darted towards the stairs.

The 13th floor

The girl was distressed, she tried to press all the buttons but the elevator began to rise to her floor. The doors opened on the 14th floor where the menacing man with the knife stabbed her to death in the elevator. The saddening part of this incident was the utter helplessness she felt in between the two floors where she was confined to be butchered mercilessly by a stranger.

Could it be the reason why all elevators have a stop button?


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82 thoughts on “The Elevator Killer

  1. This story really stress me a lot I even hold my breath while reading it and because of this I am not afraid to go into the elevators alone.


  2. This is fiction, right? I hate elevators for so many reasons, you just made that list even longer. I love your posts, I need to remind myself to read them in the daytime, not at bedtime. Thanks for sharing!


  3. So after I read this I kept telling myself that it did say it was an Urban Legend. Regardless that is a scary story! It seems like I’ve read this before or maybe it was something like it. I’ve never feared elevators but I may have a new fear…thanks!


  4. It’s so creepy when the stories like this could very well be true, even passed along over time and through different languages! Not that long ago I was staying on the 12th floor of a hotel and was thinking about how if the Main level was actually 1, then I was on 13! lol


  5. The moral of the story, don’t tell where you live and who you are to a stranger. And trust your guts!


  6. Sounds Creepy this story reminds me when I was worked in BPO company the elevator of the company has untold story that makes me freaking when go to elevator so most of time I’am go up to stairs if I’am not late Lol!


  7. Oh my. How scary! I can only imagine the Haruko’s fear knowing that she will be facing certain death when she reaches her floor.


  8. Is this a true tale? Not shocking if it is cos there are crazy people about but if so, I hope CCTV caught him eventually.


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