The Anguished Man

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Have ever heard about the mysterious artist of the Anguished Man?

The Anguished Man

Sean Robinson stated that the painting is haunted by the tortured soul of the creator who butchered himself to use his own blood mixed with oils and committed suicide as the painting was done. Sean’s grandmother kept the artwork hidden and often heard the screams of pain from the attic. Sean saw the painting as a source of oddity and curiosity. After the grandmother passed away, he brought the painting to his home in Maryport, England. He decided to hang the painting in the spare room. A sudden feeling of dread, nausea, anxiety and dizziness would engulf the Robinson family. Unexplainable footsteps, creaking, scratching noises, screams and cries of pain and loud bangs awaken the family in the middle of the night, and a shadowy figure of a tall middle-aged man would appear and disappear. He was slammed by an unseen force repeatedly, occurring between 3 to 4 am. At one point, he spotted an eerie, red shadow at the bottom of the bed and his wife saw a menacing red-faced figure. His son, Kenan was attacked and pushed down the stairs by an unseen force. Ultimately, he left the painting in the attic and constantly obsessed over the artwork, that he would soon bring it back from the attic.


At Chillingham Castle, a seance was held in a room where the guests felt a dark presence and a large wooden bench smashed on the floor regarding the questions about the Anguished Man. The artwork opened a portal to an unknown realm empowering a demon or a poltergeist to attack the Robinson family.

The painting is still in possession of the Robinson family and Sean is unwilling to sell it. 

What do you think about the artwork? Is it haunted? Do you believe Sean? 


Thank you for reading, fellow humans 🙂

116 thoughts on “The Anguished Man

  1. I am into paranormal findings. Upto an extent yes I believe it but hearing cries and stuff can be a hallucination from losing one as well. This painting needs to be investigated by Paranormal Investigators.

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  2. I am not too familiar with the art world, but this sounds like an interesting piece. It really makes things more interesting when there is a little bit of mystery behind it. I suppose one day some more information about the art will be revealed.

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  3. This is such a creepy story and it makes me scare a lot when I am reading it. It is so mysterious and definitely I would buy that painting.

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  4. This story really scares me a lot I am not a fan of scary things but I do believe that there are things that are not supposed to live and stay with us.

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  5. This sounds super spooky. I do believe that when emotion is put into artwork, it shows. And the viewer can sense the energy in the artwork. So it could very well be haunted. Also, this really reminds me of The Scream!

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  6. Brrrr. I really don’t know why the thought of the painting keeps me up but I’m both scared and thrilled or excited to learn more about it. Such is the science of haunting stories!

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  7. Though I never heard about the story of Anguished Man before. It’s my 4th times visiting your blog and I am loving it more. Love all the conspiracy and mystery and creepy stories you are digging in and sharing here. Keep it up!

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  8. I have never believed in hauntings but it has not stopped me being intrigued by them. It’s almost like I’m waiting to see something up close and personal for me to decide it’s true

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