Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

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Most women dream of wearing a beautiful wedding dress on their special day

Have you heard about Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress? 

Elias Baker

In 1836, ironmaster Elias Baker was a wealthy and proud businessman.

The Baker Mansion

He purchased the Baker Mansion in Altoona. 

Anna Baker

Anna Baker was his third child and she did not fancy her privileged life. She fell in love with a local steelworker, the young man presented Anna with an engagement ring.

Engagement ring

She started to organise a secret wedding and even got a wedding gown but her father forbade her from marrying him because he was from a lower social class.


The father exploited his power to kick this man out of Altoona. Anna was saddened and locked herself up at her house. By the time her father died, it was too late. 


Servants would see Anna wearing her wedding dress and dancing under the moonlight. In 1914, she died, leaving behind her anger in the wedding dress she never got to wear. 


In 1922, Edward Bell’s daughter, Elizabeth Dysart bought Anna’s wedding dress and taunted her for never getting married in that beautiful dress. 


The wedding dress is placed in a glass case on the second floor that once was Anna’s dressing room.

Wedding dress

Often, visitors reported hearing music and footsteps and during full moons the dress dances alone. Sometimes, the display glass shakes so hard almost to a point of shattering the glass on the wooden display case. Over the years, the dress has been removed to preserve the fragile clothing.

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