Cosmetic sesame

Welcome back, fellow humans 🙂 

What is beauty?

Nowadays, most people are obsessed with their outer appearance, we aim to look our best in all situations because of the pressures and demands placed by the media and society. We can express ourselves as long as we do not disrupt others. There is the ambiguity of how some individuals perceive beauty and their despairing attempts to achieve the desired beauty. 

How you heard about the Cosmetic Sesame?

Inner or outer beauty?

The story starts off with a girl who was abnormally conscious about her skin. She was determined to try any procedure to prevent her skin from getting old and wrinkled. She found out about a new beauty treatment that involved in combining sesame seeds in hot water and submerging in it for few hours to retain the silky and soft skin. She rushed home to try this method. After several hours passed, she refused to come out of the bathroom. Her mother started to worry and she opened the bathroom door to find her daughter covered in black dots. The sesame seeds had lodged in her skin between every opening and crease. The distressed and agitated girl was sitting in a corner and very distraught, trying to extract the seeds from her skin to save what was left of her beauty.  

Remember, you are perfect the way you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂 ❤


Thank you for reading, fellow humans 🙂 

143 thoughts on “Cosmetic sesame

    1. Oh wow.people need to stop already.i understand we all have one or two things we’d love to change about ourselves but people are going to extreme miles.we can’t have people looking like plastics.


  1. It’s a sad truth that we live in a world based on unrealistic expectations of outward appearances. I love the old adage, “If you’re ugly on the inside, you’re ugly on the outside.”

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  2. My heart sank, that poor girl. We cannot always trust that the advice we receive is honest and true. She is still beautiful, but it is so sad that she went through this myth or true? Thanks for sharing!

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  3. What an eye-opening story. It may seem hard, but no matter how you look–you have to realize beauty in the inside is much more important. No one wants a hottie with a bad attitude! This was a great read thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  4. This is a very creepy way to deliver a good message. We should love ourselves as we are because sometimes trying to “fix” ourselves can turn out badly!

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  5. This is sad. Beauty is not supposed to be just skin deep, but we should rather focus on being beautiful inside. A happy soul makes us glow with confidence, makes our smiles more sincere and friendly, and we become infectious with that happy bug.

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  6. Beauty is definitely a subjective thing. We are all beautiful 🙂 It’s sad when people try too hard and take desperate measures to live up to what they feel is beautiful. One of my clients showed up recently with (bad) puffed lips because she had them over injected. It was very sad and fake looking. Her lips were too big for her face.

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  7. Sorry, is this a movie or an urban legend? My sense is you’re trying to make a point about inside and outside beauty? Culturally we’re fed so many messages about the importance of physical attractiveness that it’s difficult to get away from that mindset, so in my mind someone’s obsession with youth isn’t necessarily simply vanity, but more accurately a product of pervading cultural ideology.


  8. Very interesting story with a very important message. Everybody is beautiful in their own way and going out of the way to achieve certain standards of beauty is definitely impractical and can lead to painful conclusions. Thanks for sharing!


  9. OMG! Did she ever get them out?? How horrible! This is what society has become, convincing girls and women to try the next “beauty trend” and not feel happy in their own skin.


  10. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
    Couldn’t agree more in this quote. Though, we cannot please everyone, as long as you know you are beautiful inside and out, you don’t need to worry.


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