Toilet Ghosts

Welcome back, fellow humans 🙂 


Bathrooms are portals to a mysterious and scary world, especially when it is badly maintained. There are spirits that can whisper and cry through the walls and cause spontaneous flushing of toilets. 

Hanako of the Toilet is a benign ghost of a girl wearing an old-fashioned red dress and bob haircut who died around World War II or murdered by a psychotic parent or stranger. She can be awakened by tapping three times on the third stall in the girl’s bathroom and saying, “Are you there Hanako-san?” and she will respond, “Yes I am” or a hand emerges to drag the individual into the toilet. Letting Hanako know about the perfect score on a recent exam can stop her from harming you. However, there is another terrifying tale of a three-headed giant lizard using a girl’s voice to attract the victims. 

Kashima Reiko is the ghost of a woman who was beaten, raped and her legs were amputated by a train. Her legless torso questions the victims in the bathroom, “Where are my legs?” The right response is “On the Meishin Expressway,” if not she can tear his/her legs off. Also, she can ask the victim to answer who gave her/him this instruction and which is herself, “Kashima Reiko” and she can demand to know her name which is “Mask Death Demon”. 

Akai-Kami-Aoi-Kami is a spirit enveloped by a flowy hood and its handsome face is hidden behind a mask, appearing to individuals in the last stall. The spirit offers red or blue toilet paper. If the individual chooses red, Aka Manto will flay his/her back or slit his/her throat, whereas, if the individual chooses blue, the spirit will suffocate him/her. By choosing another colour, the spirit will drag him/her to hell. Aka Manto can be stopped by rejecting the offer or answering “yellow”, resulting in Aka Manto forcing his/her face into the toilet full of urine.

During the Tang Dynasty in China, Zi-Gu’s husband was killed by Li-Jing who was smitten by her beauty. Zi-Gu was kept as a mistress and murdered by Li-Jing’s jealous wife while using the restroom. Afterwards, Zi-Gu’s ghost haunted anyone who tried to use the restroom facilities until Empress Wu Zetian sanctified and transformed her demon-like state into a Toilet Goddess. During the Lantern Festival, she is worshipped to shield and cleanse the restrooms.

Always keep an eye out, you will never know what is watching you when you go number 1 or 2 🙂 

Thank you for reading, fellow humans 🙂

128 thoughts on “Toilet Ghosts

  1. That was so creepy! Living in Texas, I’ve been more afraid to find cockroaches running around the bathroom floor, but now I’m afraid that I’m going to see something scary out of the corner of my eye.

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  2. Jesus I don’t make the prettiest faces when I am going to the toliet so I can only imagine how scary my face must be if I happen to see a ghost spying on me on the toliet. Let me tell you things are about to get cray, 50 shades of cray. Let us hope no ghosts will be visiting me anytime soon.

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  3. I have never heard of these particular toilet ghost urban legends before. The only ones I can recall hearing about as a child were, Bloody Mary and Candyman. They had to be summoned by saying their name three times while looking in the bathroom mirror.


  4. Oh that’s scary! I’ve heard about satanic powers in toilet but I would like to see those ghost and then maybe I will let you know that those all the things are true about them and they look like em. 😛

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  5. I really enjoyed reading it, great imagination. Funny thing, we just installed Japanese toilet in our house so I wonder if it came with the ghost… But if yes, now, thanks to reading your article I know how to answer. 😉

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