Peculiar Thuan Kieu Plaza

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Have you heard about the Thuan Kieu Plaza?


There were many rumours of hauntings, curses or negligence of Feng-Shui (a Chinese philosophical structure for balancing architecture with the unseeable forces) surrounding the Thuan Kieu Plaza, as a result, people were frightened to enter or reside in this building.

Thuan Kieu Plaza

Thuan Kieu Plaza is situated in the Chinatown district of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, built in 1990. Metaphorically speaking, Thuan Kieu Plaza was believed to resemble the three masts of a large ship or three large incense sticks that imprisoned the souls of the dead because incense was lighted only for the deceased. The Hung Vuong Street and Do Ngoc Thanh Street represented a spear, jabbing a hole in the ship’s hull or the oversized masts can cause it to sink. These sorts of Feng-Shui errors served to worsen the public detestation, therefore, ruining any chances of this project from succeeding. 

Thuan Kieu Plaza entrance
Locals have described hearing strange noises and phone calls, screams and cries from the elevators, seeing a woman wearing a cheongsam levitating and accounts of individuals haunted by nightmares of fire.
A woman wearing a cheongsam
One of the popular stories of a taxi driver claiming to have received a call from a deceased woman who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2005. Supposedly, he was asked to pick her up from the parking lot of Thuan Kieu Plaza, he called the number when he arrived at the parking lot, only to be met with heavy breathing and indistinctive screams. 
Lu Ban, a legendary Chinese carpenter

In the late 1980s, a number of workers perished due to the unsafe working conditions during the construction of Thuan Kieu Plaza. The contractors offered inadequate compensation to the families of the deceased workers, a Chinese spell called Lu Ban was cast leading to arising accidents and mysterious fire on the site in 2004 and 2009.  Eventually, the malls were vacant and two of three towers were uninhabited by 2009. 

Mysterious fires
Thuan Kieu Plaza was tailored to attract Hong Kong immigrants in 1997 but they never came. Thuan Kieu Plaza’s issues were more likely to do with economical miss-calculation and overpriced apartments for their target market in China Town. Nevertheless, after renovating, dispelling and selling to the new owners, the complex is flourishing and vibrant with restaurants and shops.
thuan kieu11
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99 thoughts on “Peculiar Thuan Kieu Plaza

  1. This was an interesting story to read. I’ve never been much into superstitions, although, I would not want to live there. At least not before now. The pictures of the three of them are very pretty. I would enjoy visiting the Thuan Kieu Plaza!

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  2. Interesting article. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam has been transforming for the past 20years or so, last time I went there it look so much different than the previous time about (10years ago). Love this country and I’m sure i’ll go there again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This story was definitely creepy to read! I do believe that Feng-Shui helps build a more calming environment. I had not heard of this Thuan Kieu Plaza that you mentioned, but I’ll tell you one thing: I will not be going nowhere near it! LOL

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  4. I tried to do a haunted tour one time in an area of Florida. I am just not equipped to handle the “other side” (other than Adele’s song).

    What an interesting story you shared! I am so glad I wasn’t the taxi driver. That fare would have given me quite the scare.

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  5. That’s some kind of another creepy but interesting story. Well, it’s good to know that somehow the developers managed to overcome bankruptcy and have gained new customers.

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  6. Firstly, that Cheongsam dress is amazing. The colours! There’s a lot of supernatural goings-on, not a place i would want to visit. Although you had an interesting time. It has an interesting history.

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  7. Wow, thank you for sharing such an amazing post! I have never heard of Thuan Kieu Plaza before and it was VERY interesting to read the story of this mystical place!

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  8. Sometimes developers often think that if you build it and they will come. I guess this is not the case at the beginning. It’s great to see the turnaround after so many years of misfortune.

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  9. I love such stories but I’m not brave enough to go on a haunted hose tour either on my own or with someone else lol. That was a major cock-up with the Feng Shui and all. Just goes to show that you should be knowledgeable about local histories and culture of any place you’re conducting business in.

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  10. My family and I sent to Vietnam two years ago for three weeks. I loved Vietnam, but am glad I didn’t read about these stories beforehand! I am easily scared. LOL!

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  11. Sounds creepy about the Thuan Kieu Plaza place. In the middle of afternoon I feel goosebumps and I don’t want to turn off the light in the evening Lol!


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