Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh Fort

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India is a country filled with mysteries. In 1613, Bhangarh Fort was built by Madho Singh. Bhangarh Fort is one of the most haunted locations in India and prominent tourists’ attractions. Supernatural beings are said to haunt Bhangarh Fort by projecting strange voices, ghostly apparitions and activities. Individuals who stayed overnight never returned home, therefore, it is forbidden to enter the Fort after sunset and before sunrise, ordered by the Government. Most tourists mentioned that they got nervous and agitated by the unsettling emptiness of the Bhangarh Fort.

Guru Balau Nath had given permission to build this Fort but under the conditions that any houses built should not be higher than his house and the shadows of those houses should not fall on his meditative place but the king out of his greed, did not pay attention to this detail and built a high Fort, therefore, the curse of the roofless houses and entire destruction of the Fort was instigated.

Princess Ratnavati

The princess of Bhangarh was Ratnavati. She was recognised for her beauty and many desired to marry her. One corrupted magician called Singhia decided to use black magic to lure the princess into marriage with him. However, the princess figured out that the scented oil he offered her out of love was, in fact, a love potion. She threw all of it on the ground, which transformed into a rock and crushed Singhia and before passing away he cursed that Bhangarh would be doomed for destroyed without reincarnation and the surrounding area of the fort will be restless and dangerous to those who inhabit it. Afterwards, the people and the princess of Bhangarh Fort was attacked and killed by the Mughals.

The current dilapidated state of Bhangarh Fort is due to the curse of Singhia and the Fort is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the Princess Ratnavati and Singhia. However, many individuals believe that the princess will be reincarnated and she will return to the Fort to put an end to this tormenting curse.

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  1. I agree India has filled of mysteries and history that’s why I loved to visit that place. I guess I need to do some researches about Princess Ratnavati.


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