Shui Gui

Welcome back, fellow humans 🙂 

Have you heard about Shui Gui?

Shui Gui is believed to inhabit the seas, rivers or lakes.

Water Ghost

So, imagine a small pond near your house, village or town that is usually isolated and dark. You decide to walk by the small pond and you stare at the waters. Gradually, a face appears from the creepy waters and a force grabs you into the pond to meet your end. 

Shui Gui means water ghosts, the souls of those who drowned and continue to haunt and anguish in the waters. These ghosts drag innocent unsuspecting passers-by into the waters leading to their deaths in order to possess the victim’s body to be free in the human world. At that time, the victim’s spirit transforms into the new water ghost and yearns to live once again.

Cycle of Uncertainty

This cycle of calamity keeps repeating. 

Thank you for reading, fellow humans 🙂 

81 thoughts on “Shui Gui

  1. oh my, this scares me. Don’t really like ghost so even if it is water ghost, I was like, wahhhh. Now I don’t want to go to the beach. 😛

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  2. creepy! My almost drowned in a lake once and she said that she really felt somebody was pulling her from the water and that she saw skeletons at the bottom. I was the one who saw her drowning and I was still very young at that time.

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  3. Scary! I guess I can consider myself lucky to be living in an urban jungle. No ponds or lakes near me. I would be very cautious from now on when we go hiking in the woods where there are small bodies of water.

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  4. That’s so cool! I’ve never heard of these particular kind of ghost. My friend is a paranormal/ghost hunter and I’m going to forward this to her to see if she’s heard of this particular type.

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  5. LOL I can’t read your posts at night!!! It’s 6 am here and I still got totally freaked when I saw the pics! I should have expected it! 🙂


  6. What a scary thought! I really enjoyed the story. I think that you could defiitely go deeper into it and make a short story for a future post, that would be a really interesting read!

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