The Curse of the Crying Boy !

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“The Crying Boy” displayed a young, sobbing child with the tears rolling down the cheek, created by Giovanni Bragolin in the 1950s which was massively produced and sold all over England. In 1985, The Sun Newspaper published “Blazing curse of the Crying Boy” detailing May and Ron Hall’s home was ruined by fire, a lady in Surrey and in Isle of Wight lost their houses to a fire and one of the two sisters in Kilburn noticed inexplicable movement of the painting and a pizza parlour in Norfolk was wrecked in a fire except for the painting. The reclaimed paintings were cited as “The Curse Of The Crying Boy” and the reputation of the painting was damned for eternity due to the mass media spreading and imprinting of the bizarre claims. However, all the fires pointed to human negligence, cigarettes, unwieldy deep-frying pans or electrical faults and the unscathing of the pictures because of the fire retardant materials used for the printing. 
Newspaper headline

The paintings of the Crying Boy was so vastly popular, therefore other artists created the Crying Girl paintings.

One of the crying child artworks by Giovanni Bragolin.
Crying girl 
An annocument in the Sun Newspaper to retrieve copies of the paintings for the mass burning to redress the public outry and fear.
Mass burning of paintings.

Numerous theories such as……….. cannot be 100% confirmed………..

The children were orphans from the same orphanage who perished in a fire.

The young boy was a gypsy who cursed the artist.

Death of a child by fire and his spirit was tormented and confined to the paintings. 

Don Bonillo was adopted by Amadio, however disregarding the advice from the local priest surrounding the ambiguous circumstance of the child’s background. Amadio’s establishment was destroyed by the fire, subsequently blaming Don. Don was killed in a car crash later on and the paintings were jinxed by him.

Article from The Sun newspaper

Maybe the curse only harms those individuals once they acknowledge it.

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101 thoughts on “The Curse of the Crying Boy !

  1. THe myth sounds fascinating, I have read i earier but there is a scientific reason behind this crying boy painting too, that I have read. But I would love to take a personal look on this painting someday.


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