Slit Mouth Woman, “Who will think you are beautiful now?”

Welcome back, fellow humans 🙂 

Have you heard about the Slit-Mouth Woman (Kuchisake-Onna)? 


During the Heian period of Japan’s history, a beautiful, young woman was disfigured by her husband making her no longer beautiful because she was planning to leave him for another man.

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Kuchisake-Onna was described as having a rough, bloody scar mirroring a smile which is covered with a cloth/surgical mask, fan or scarf and holding a large scissor to target the innocent victims. 

The modern version of Kuchisake-Onna is linked to a mentally unsteady woman who used to frighten local children even after her death around Nagasaki, Japan. A recent discovery of a woman wearing a red mask was often reported for chasing children in South Korea. 


Kuchisake-Onna demands her victims to react to whether if she is pretty by uncovering her face to reveal the malicious grin, baring teeth and tongue. She repeats the question.

There is no definite answer that will appease her. 

If the victim answers yes or runs, she will brutally mutilate their face so it will resemble hers.

If the victim answers no, she will leave them for now but she will follow and kill them at their home.

However, throwing fruits or hard candies at her can distract and offering the victims an opportunity to run.

Responding using these lines such as, “You are ok” or “So-so” can prompt her to contemplate or by questioning her “Do you think I am pretty?” or mentioning that there is an urgent commitment that the victim needs to attend to, leading her to depart. 


Thank you for reading, fellow humans. I hope you never encounter her 😈😈😈

84 thoughts on “Slit Mouth Woman, “Who will think you are beautiful now?”

  1. Wow, I have never heard of this story before. I really enjoyed your blog because it was very informational. I have no idea how i’d react if I ever came across someone like this. Thank you for sharing!!

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  2. Wonderful sharing! Thank you very much for this story. What a good post and I love your good written I will show this to my friends. Glad that you share this

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  3. Oh my gosh! She’s scary but if you really come to think of it, her story is actually quite sad. Nobody should have been treated like that, even if she were to leave her husband/ 😦

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  4. This kind of story haunts me for nights. And I’m even afraid of clown!. I don’t know why. Maybe, it’s that kind of grin that creeps me out.

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  5. Another story based on domestic violence. Ugh. Left to wander the streets and scare other adults and children. I’m glad this was not one of my bedtime stories when I was little, would have given me nightmares!

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  6. That is way scary. It’s the first time I’ve read about this and I can’t help but think if her story was inspiration for the Joker, lol. Let’s all hope we don’t come across her when we’re walking alone.

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