Psychology of colour

Welcome back, fellow humans!

What is colour? Basically, colour is fragmented white light, every wavelength is identified as a separate colour. These wavelengths can be absorbed or reflected by the objects, so when we see a red apple, the red is being reflected while the other wavelengths are being absorbed. Colour perception and interpretation is very subjective. So, do you think colours can influence human behaviour? Yes, our brains can invoke a response or influence our decisions and emotions can be attached to colours. 🌈❤️⬛🌺💚🔶💛💜⬜💩 


Can you imagine a world without colours?

No. I cannot. I would not even dream of it.  


White is often perceived as pure. 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️ 

Black absorbs all wavelengths and does not reflect any colours. Black is typically associated with sadness and negativity. 😔😢😭😓👎

Pink is mostly linked to femininity, harmony and closeness. 🦄👒👗👚🌺🌸💌🌷

Purple or violet is the shortest wavelength and connected to spirituality and sacredness. ✝️☪️🕉️☸️✡️🕎☯️☦️🛐☯️

Orange is associated with enthusiasm and encouragement. 🍊🧡🔶

Green represents safety and good fortune. 🤢🥗🌲🍏💚 

Yellow relates to optimism and creativity. 💛🎭💃🕺✍️🎨 

Blue indicates calmness and tranquillity. 🚙🔵💙 

Red is the longest wavelength and linked with courage and strength. 💔😡👹👺💯

The meaning of every colour can change from one person to another. I love the colour red, black and purple. I associate the colour purple with ambiguity, nostalgia and ambition and black with the night and power. The passionate and eye-catching red colour can increase the heart rate and metabolism, this is why red is a good choice of colour for restaurants, diners, buffets etc. 

For me, I disliked the colour yellow because it indicates betrayal and greediness and the colour pink with annoyance. The colour blue reminded me of coldness and distance, whereas, the white and grey colour triggered sadness and grief. I always felt uneasy and uncomfortable in my previous apartment because of the dull and dreary colours. 

Colour improves memory and attention, this is why teachers in my high school suggested us to use highlighters to underline the important notes in the textbooks to boost our concentration. 


Which are the negative and positive colours?

Do you think colour can be used as an instrument to learn more about ourselves? 

Thank you for reading, fellow humans.

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