Psychology of colour

Welcome back, fellow humans!

What is colour? Basically, colour is fragmented white light, every wavelength is identified as a separate colour. These wavelengths can be absorbed or reflected by the objects, so when we see a red apple, the red is being reflected while the other wavelengths are being absorbed. Colour perception and interpretation is very subjective. So, do you think colours can influence human behaviour? Yes, our brains can invoke a response or influence our decisions and emotions can be attached to colours. 🌈❤️⬛🌺💚🔶💛💜⬜💩 


Can you imagine a world without colours?

No. I cannot. I would not even dream of it.  


White is often perceived as pure. 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️ 

Black absorbs all wavelengths and does not reflect any colours. Black is typically associated with sadness and negativity. 😔😢😭😓👎

Pink is mostly linked to femininity, harmony and closeness. 🦄👒👗👚🌺🌸💌🌷

Purple or violet is the shortest wavelength and connected to spirituality and sacredness. ✝️☪️🕉️☸️✡️🕎☯️☦️🛐☯️

Orange is associated with enthusiasm and encouragement. 🍊🧡🔶

Green represents safety and good fortune. 🤢🥗🌲🍏💚 

Yellow relates to optimism and creativity. 💛🎭💃🕺✍️🎨 

Blue indicates calmness and tranquillity. 🚙🔵💙 

Red is the longest wavelength and linked with courage and strength. 💔😡👹👺💯

The meaning of every colour can change from one person to another. I love the colour red, black and purple. I associate the colour purple with ambiguity, nostalgia and ambition and black with the night and power. The passionate and eye-catching red colour can increase the heart rate and metabolism, this is why red is a good choice of colour for restaurants, diners, buffets etc. 

For me, I disliked the colour yellow because it indicates betrayal and greediness and the colour pink with annoyance. The colour blue reminded me of coldness and distance, whereas, the white and grey colour triggered sadness and grief. I always felt uneasy and uncomfortable in my previous apartment because of the dull and dreary colours. 

Colour improves memory and attention, this is why teachers in my high school suggested us to use highlighters to underline the important notes in the textbooks to boost our concentration. 


Which are the negative and positive colours?

Do you think colour can be used as an instrument to learn more about ourselves? 

Thank you for reading, fellow humans.

104 thoughts on “Psychology of colour

    1. Interesting descriptions of what colors represent…I always say my favorite color is pink, but truly I’m drawn to teal…I’m not a fan of red, and I’m not sure why. I wear black every day though. Cool article…fun and interesting read.

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      1. Please visit and sign up on the website. Post that, you can start sharing your content.


    1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this, depression is not a joke specially post partum this is a very good help for me color of psychology


  1. Colors are more than decoration. I use them consciously on web design projects because they convey information.

    Very informative post. I agree with most of it. Except for black; black is an elegant, simple, stylish and pragmatic color.

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  2. Very interesting analysis of color. I love this idea that color helps influence mood and memory. I am sure there is legit because there are millions of dollars spent on branding. Many people like blue or red.

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  3. I think colors can teach you about yourself and those around you. A lot of the times the colors we see in advertisements and throughout our surroundings were perfectly staged there. It’s always fascinated me to see how we react to certain colors rather than others.

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  4. I never thought about colour association in depth before it as interesting to read. I love all colour I’m one extreme of the other really bold bright colour or really dark! I love purple reds and blues. black and green are my darker favourites. I never used to wear red much when I was young I always associated it with lust and a sexual power and thought it always would attract the wrong kind of attention. but now I’m older I view it differently, it is bold and powerful but not in a negative way. I associate it with love and strength now, funny isn’t it!

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  5. As a student of literature, I knew colors bear symbolic meanings. But I was really unaware of the way colors are associated with the mind so deeply. Learned some new things. Thank you.

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  6. Color also affects the way we choose our brand identity. Banks often use blue coz it symbolizes safety and security. Thai Airways chose purple and gold to symbolizes luxe Thai services. Colors truly affect our way of decision making.

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  7. Love me a world full of colors can actually make a difference in someones mood. I use to have a dark room where it felt so small and cluttered but when I switched a white room white lighter colors, wow what a difference. I felt so much happier and cleaner.

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  8. Wow! super love this post! It gives me motivation to love life and colors! My favorite colors are Green, Violet and Pink. Imagine I got good fortune and safety with Green, and I’m spiritually close to other people.

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  9. Thanks for sharing this. No, I could not imagine a world without color. They all have their moods and attitudes LOL. My favorite is the color green, any hue. Color has a big impact on our mood and life.

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  10. I’ve been studying this because I use different colors on my blog and pin images. I love the colors pink, red, and blue! Yellow reminds me of sunshine!! I hope you have a colorful week!!

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  11. This is definitely a thought provoking piece. It makes me think about how it works in connection with other things in our lives. I think it’s more about personal experience than something universal. But it is very curious to think about.

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  12. My preference in colors changed over time. I started with green in my primary years, then liked red in highschool, then blue at some point. But adulthood made me love just black and white. Or anything neutral.

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  13. I have heard of this before in why companies choose clothes because that color brings a certain mood or feeling. Insightful information!


  14. I love all things spiritual and it’s so interesting that you mentioned that purple represents that. I am sure there is some sort of connection between our personalities and our favorite colors.


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