Life is a Roller coaster ?

Welcome back, fellow humans!

What do you think of life? Is it like a roller coaster? Do you think that it is a good description of what life is like? Any other perceptions of life? Is it an over-or underestimation of life?  Certainly, life is complicated and unpredictable. 


In my first blog, I mentioned about accepting everything that is offered by the universe. So be grateful for every happy experiences, encounters, words, colours and moment. You only get one chance to ride your life. Be ready to face the best and worst things.  Live for the moment by expressing and acknowledging feelings of excitement, happiness, fear and anxiety. We all go through various struggles, uncertainties and ordeals. It reminds us of how fragile life is and to accept reality. Ups and downs of every roller coaster ride inspire and influences the individual. Learning from life’s hurdles can equip you to tackle the challenges ahead. 


Change is inevitable. Taste the bitterness of pain and sweetness of joy.  There is no light without the dark. Having a positive outlook helps you to get through the tough times. 

Thank you for reading, fellow humans. 🙂 

Have an awesome day !!!!!  ✨🌈☀️

Enjoy the roller coaster ride !!!!! 😆🏇🐎🎡🎢

118 thoughts on “Life is a Roller coaster ?

  1. Life is definitely a roller coaster and I mostly love every moment of it. For me it is a roller coaster of faith with ups and downs and lots of excitment and life.

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  2. You are so right. LIfe is just like a roller coaster. With so many ups and downs all the time. But as you mentioned, we wouldn’t appreciate the light if we didn’t experience darkness.


  3. Absolutely yes. There are steep climbs and crazy descents and the important thing is to always have the strength and lucidity to face them with an attitude that allows us to grow and learn from it.


  4. Life is really like a roller coaster…..we face a lot of things in life and faces them again and again but the fact is in starting we are not able to deal with and in next time we are the one to handle… totally agree with you..your ideas are quite interesting…


  5. This is so true! I feel like we often long for this perfect life of all highs but that would be boring, wouldn’t it? The highs would lose their sparkle because you would have nothing to compare them to. It’s the roller coaster that is this life that keeps it interesting and allows us to truly appreciate those moments.


  6. I agree with you regarding having a positive outlook in life. It will get you through hard times because you accept it and just continue to have positive choices.


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