Surreal encounters

Welcome back, I hope you had an awesome day today.

Nightmares can be intriguing or intimidating!


In my childhood, I was fascinated by the supernatural world. Ghost! Demons! Fairies! My friends and I used to love hearing scary stories. One day, we decided to play the Ouija board that we made from scratch. There were four of us, we lighted the candles and placed a coin on the board. Then we chanted the following phrase “Gods spirit come to us”. Nothing happened…..


Then we repeated the phrase, all seemed okay. We were getting impatient so we demanded the inhumane being to appear in front of us. Suddenly, my mom rushed into the room to stop us. We were petrified and tore up the Ouija board so that we would not get in trouble. So, we went to eat and that day of my life ended like any other day.

Somehow, it was never the same for me…..


After I moved to Ireland, I started experiencing night terrors. I remember once, I saw spiders crawling all over me and a black, dark-eyed figure, floated toward me and grabbed my neck so tight. I could not breathe, my body was paralysed. I started screaming for my mom to save me. My mom heard my cries, she came to my rescue. The figure disappeared and the room brightened up due to my mom’s presence.


Seven years ago, there was another incident which terrified me. I was sleeping. A force held me down, I could not move. I tried to scream for help but no one heard me. Finally, I started praying. The grip on my body loosened and I was able to move again.


Two years ago, I had a nightmare where I was trapped in a room that was covered in blood. I felt helpless. The time stood still….. Suddenly, I woke up drenched in sweats. After one week later, something bad happened, I was thinking if the nightmare was foretelling the ordeal.


Last summer, I was going through a tough time in my life. Most of the time, I felt vulnerable and restless. Once again, I saw this black figure near my bedside, my body went numb and I could not speak. It was like an out of body experience.


I hope that I do not see the black figure again…..

Anyone out there had any similar experiences ??

Thank you for reading, fellow humans!

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